Date Published: 26th October 2017

Homes are getting smarter, with so many devices now available people believe that their main function is to simply make our lives easier. What many people don’t realise is that they can do so much more, and in the long run could contribute to a having a positive impact on the environment, with green homes becoming green cities.


When addressing climate change, we often forget that there are 25 million homes in the UK that can contribute to a positive environmental change purely based on an alteration of how people use energy in their home. Innovative smart home devices are the first big step in helping to deliver this change, contributing to substantial energy and water savings.


The initial problem with trying to get people involved with climate change is that they simply do not know enough about the amount of energy that they are using. Devices such as Verv use artificial intelligence to notify users as to which appliances are producing a large carbon footprint and suggest more eco-friendly alternatives. Products like this will educate consumers on how much energy their appliances use.


Also when looking at appliances such as TV’s, a newer version can not only help the environment but also lower the cost. LED screens for example, cut down energy leakage significantly compared to old plasmas.


On a larger scale, corporations can use smart technology to make entire buildings more environmentally friendly, not just individual homes. Office buildings are being developed with sensors located throughout, allowing automatic adjustment of temperature or lighting.


There is hope to expand this further into creating smart cities, in which technology will actually connect homes to one another. Consumers with solar panels and battery storage could soon be able to share excess energy with their neighbours via a smart home device like Verv.


With so many concerns to help the environment at the moment and find solutions, it is important that we realise how much energy we are using and use the new technology out there to the best of our advantage. After all, it is being created for more reasons than just fun, comfort and convenience.




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