Date Published: 10th May 2017

Smart technology is altering the way we do so many things. One of the most recent changes in new technologies is linked to the way in which we shop, with plans to provide shoppers with new levels of personalisation, speed and convenience.

Although a lot of retailers already buy, sell and do their shipping online, producing sites that can be used on smart technology could make a big difference in their level of sales. For example, with the majority of people now using smartphones, mobile sites allow people to then use their phones as their key sales channel. Most online stores are beginning to understand the importance of digital technology, with 76% of companies now supplying a mobile site. Voice command is also becoming a particularly popular way to shop, with Amazon Echo having a £7 billion market, and the new Google Home expected to grow to US$7 billion by 2020. Some retailers have already caught on to this trend which is going to boost their sales further the bigger it becomes.

It is these online specialists and larger retailers, that are adapting to these changes, and are going to hoover up the sales from those stores that don’t have apps, or appear on third party ones. It is important for retailers to be aware of this new developing smart technology so they can produce sites that can relate to it.



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