Date Published: 26th September 2016

Snapchat, the messaging app provider, have announced the release of its first gadget – sunglasses with a built-in camera feature.


The glasses, which will go by the product name of ‘Spectacles’, will record 30 seconds of video at a time – much like the Snapchat app’s video feature.


Snapchat’s 26 year old creator Evan Spiegel has revealed that the glasses, which the company is calling Spectacles, will have a limited release at first when the product is launched later this year priced.


The company’s decision to expand its creations beyond the self-titled messaging app, is accompanied by a change of company name – to Snap, Inc.


The glasses will record footage in circular format, which can be viewed in any orientation. The battery on the device will last about a day, and a light on the front of the glasses will indicate to others when the wearer is recording footage.


Previous attempts to create similar products have tended to be unsuccessful. One such example is that of Google Glass, the search giant’s venture into creating smart glasses. While Google Glass did get into the hands of developers around the world, the expensive cost of $1,500 per pair meant the device never came close to being a consumer product.


However, with Spectacles costing less than a tenth of the price at $130 (£100) and anticipated popularity with celebrities , Snap’s Spectacles stand a solid chance at being a success.


Spectacles have been designed to fit the trend of sunglasses worn by ‘millennials’, who are the target audience for the creation – considering it is primarily young people with whom the Snapchat app is widely used.


There is no set launch date for the product as of yet, but rest assured they should be available to purchase before the year is out.

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