Date Published: 12th October 2016

Social media app Snapchat has progressed somewhat since it’s creation, transforming from a  basic disappearing photo messaging app to providing viewers with news articles, themed-days, and video calling.  However Snapchat also offers some more, lesser known features.


Below is a  selection of the best hidden features you can find in Snapchat.


Use multiple filters on one snap


To apply more than one filter to a snap, add the first filter in the usual fashion by swiping left then hold one finger on the screen and swipe with the other to select a second one.



Take a secret screenshot


Want to screenshot a snap without the sender being notified? Put your phone into airplane mode,  open Snapchat, view the snap, take a screenshot,  log out of the app, close it, turn off airplane mode off, then reopen Snapchat. Voila – screenshot, but no notifications.


Find out what the emojis next to your contacts mean


You can find out what those emojis next to your contacts mean by going into Settings, Additional Services, Manage Preferences, and Friend emojis.



Bring back old filters


You can access old filters back by reverting back to an older version of the app. To do so, you have to change your phone time to the date when your desired filter was available.  However, don’t change the date to January 1 1970 on an iPhone though, as this will break your phone.


Access black and white pens


If you want to annotate your snaps but don’t want to use the garish colours available, you can use the secret black and white pens. To get the black pen, drag your finger from the colour palette towards the bottom of the screen. To get the white pen, do the same but towards the top left hand side of the screen.



Go over the word limit


If you write your desired text as a note in your phone, when pasted into the text bar on Snapchat, the app is tricked into letting you exceed the word limit.


Save data and battery


To restrict Snapchat’s data and battery consumption,you can turn on the in-built ‘Travel Mode’, which saves on data by stopping messages and stories from automatically downloading. Travel Mode can be activated within the app under Settings, Additional Services, Manage Preferences.

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