Date Published: 27th October 2017

There is truth behind the fact that strong social media presence can bring you work. But what happens if you are presenting yourself in an inappropriate way? Is this going to largely affect your chances of being hired?

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are all excellent social media platforms that we are using daily to communicate with friends and family, share photos and now even make business connections. The fact that social media is no longer just being used for personal use or as a means to keep in touch with loved ones, is something we need to be especially aware of.

Employers will often search potential employees social media pages in order to get a feel for the candidate, and there are certain things that, if found, could make or break your chances of being hired.

So how careful should you actually be with what you’re posting online? And what are the main areas that employers do NOT want to see when doing their research on you?


Trash talking your employers

If a hiring manager sees you talking down about your current employer, company you’re working for or fellow colleagues, this will be an immediate turn off for them. Whatever the issue is that you have, do not blast it all over your Facebook page. The obvious reason being that if they see you do that, they will assume you will act the same with them.

Derogatory comments

Hopefully this is something that wouldn’t be on your page regardless. Hurtful comments about race, gender, religion, or any other group will not be welcome in the workplace. Not only will they not want to work a person who is offensive or rude, you are also representing a company and they will not want their company branded in this light.

Inappropriate photos

Avoid posting photos that will present you in a bad way, instead you want to show images that represent a healthy work-life balance. Think again about the fact you will be representing a company, photos that are sexually promiscuous or involving any sort of illegal paraphernalia will not be something the hiring manager will look at and think too positively about.


Some peoples approach could be to just make their profiles private, but although this might protect you, it could also hinder your opportunities due to so many business connections now being made through social media. If you are willing to go public with your profile, then simply ensure that your profiles are showing a version of yourself that you want future employers to see you, professional and responsible.



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