Date Published: 9th January 2017


This week, the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas showcased some of the latest and up-and-coming innovations in tech.


Intelligent cars

The Faraday Future FF 91 will apparently be capable of learning from it’s driver. The family-sized vehicle will also be electric, and have the acceleration of a Formula 1 car. However the innovation comes at a cost, with the Faraday Future estimated to cost at least $130,000.

Toyota also unveiled it’s Concept-i  car, which has an advanced artificial intelligence system called Yui – whom supposedly learns from the driver and adjusts the mood inside the car accordingly.



Intelligent beds

The  ‘Sleep Number 360’ intelligent bed was also launched; the smart-bed will react to a person’s sleeping position during the night, and claims to also be able to prevent snoring. The luxury of an intuitive bed comes at a cost, with pricing estimated at around $7,000.



Intelligent toothbrushes

The Onvi Prophix toothbrush has a camera that streams live video to a smartphone app, enabling the user to see inside their mouth as they are brushing. The smart-brush will be launched in autumn this year, and will cost $399.


Intelligent hairbrushes

The Kérastase Hair Coach smart-brush has a microphone that listens to the hair, providing insights the hairs condition. The $200 intelligent brush will go on sale later this year.



Intelligent fishing
The PowerVision PowerRay brings smart-tech to fishing. The underwater drone enables a fisherman to quietly direct the bait towards a shoal of fish, guided by a live video stream which will be streamed to a smart phone. The PowerRay isn’t cheap; the device will cost buyers around $2,000.


Smart Alcohol-level monitoring

‘Proof’ is a black rubber wristband which measures blood alcohol level through the wearers skin. The product does not yet have a launch date,  but will cost future buyers around $150.

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