Date Published: 29th September 2016

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has announced that his company plan to send people to Mars, so that is can be colonised.


The tech billionaire and PayPal co-founder’s says his private space company, SpaceX, intends to stake its claim on Mars and have people living on it within decades,
The trip will use the company’s Mars Vehicle – a specially designed spacecraft built for sending people to other planets. The private spacecraft could transport 100 people to Mars in just 80 days, he said.


The spaceship would take off from Earth carried by a booster, which would enable it to get out of Earth’s orbit. The ship would then make the rest of the journey on its own, and the rocket itself would come back down to Earth so that it can be re-used.


Musk’s plans for Mars entails the space-voyagers settling on  the planet, and trying to grow things on it’s surface. The new Mars citizens will also be in charge of cultivating fuel to bring Mars’ inhabitants back to Earth, to save extra fuel being transported into space on the outbound journey.
However the first people to inhabit Mars are unlikely to live long enough to use that fuel, something SpaceX wants potential customers to be fully aware of before signing up.


So if you fancy vacating Earth and setting up life on The Red Planet, you may soon be able to. Just be prepared for a high risk of fatality, and a definite need to undertake manual labour – in space.

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