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10,000 LinkedIn Followers!

10,000 LinkedIn Followers!   We are excited to have reached 10,000 LinkedIn followers.   Thank you to everyone who has followed us and engaged with our content! We aim to keep you updated with new job opportunities, exciting industry updates and our top recruitment tips.   For more executive recruitment updates follow our ITR Executive […]

Tech News

The New Facebook Currency Libra

The New Facebook Currency Libra   Facebook have recently announced their plans to launch a new digital currency. The new currency will be called Libra and they aim to bring it out next year. Over the next few months, Libra will be developed and tested, aiming to launch in the first half of 2020.   […]

New Starters!

Meet our new starters at ITR A warm welcome to our 5 new starters. We’re really excited to have 4 new recruitment consultants and a new office manager joining our growing team at ITR. Over the past few weeks they have been settling into their new roles and we’re very excited to be working with […]

Former Facebook and Google employees fight tech ‘addiction’

Tech addiction- are you affected? In a recent article the BBC commented that ‘Two former employees of Google and Facebook have launched a campaign to fight what they see as the addictive nature of the technology they helped to create.’ The article mentions how technology websites we use daily such as Facebook, Twitter  and websites […]

Social media is affecting your chance of employment

Is your social media profile affecting your chance of employment?

There is truth behind the fact that strong social media presence can bring you work. But what happens if you are presenting yourself in an inappropriate way? Is this going to largely affect your chances of being hired?

Social media recruitment

An increasing number of organisations are now using social media to recruit

The popularity of social media channels such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter has led to more and more organisations now using them for recruitment purposes.

Social media is leading to an increase in anxiety and cyber-bullying in young users

A new survey in the UK involving over 10,000 young people aged 12-20, has found that the use of social media sites can cause feelings of anxiety, fear and inadequacy.

Terrorism online: Social media is now the biggest platform for terrorists

Recent reports have shown extremists are increasingly using social media to communicate with one another, expand their networks and plan future acts of terrorism.  The head of GCHQ, Robert Hannigan, has stated in an interview that terrorists are now able to hide their identities using sophisticated encryption tools, which were once only available to government […]