Date Published: 18th May 2017

Research has provided evidence that workplace absences costs UK businesses £18bn a year, a rising number of which are related to stress and anxiety. This is something that employers just can’t afford to ignore.

The issue is that employers are often not aware of an employees mental health issues until they are signed off from work. By this time, the employee would have been left to suffer in silence both at home and work, and months of productivity would have already been lost. Leaving both the individual and business in an unfortunate position.

With current, affordable technology, companies can monitor an employees absence patterns and feedback from return to work interviews, which can then be used to produce detailed reports and analysis in order to show the true picture of health and mental wellbeing of their workforce.

Identifying employees with possible mental health challenges at an earlier stage will not only enable better workplace support but also cut costs of critical wellness spending.

It is important that employers are aware of the increasingly high number of people taking absence from work due to mental health issues. Creating a greater openness within the work place will allow sufferers to not feel so isolated and hopefully encourage them to speak out earlier in order to receive the support they need.



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