Date Published: 31st May 2017

Despite the malware attack on Britain’s National Health Service not supplying us with the best advertisement for digitising healthcare, medical workers in the UK are still confident that new technological solutions will have a positive effect on the industry.

Advances in technology are giving us faster and better solutions that are helping improve diagnosis and treatment success. From 3D printing of organs and cells speeding up medical processes, waiting times being cut and remote monitoring improving patient care.

Patients will also be able to use new technologies to better monitor their health, becoming more proactive in managing their health, diagnosis and treatment. There are already smart phone apps that allow individuals to assess and monitor their health themselves without waiting to book an appointment to see a doctor. As well as virtual consultations that are able to improve access to healthcare, saving further time and money.

Technology offers our best hope of achieving outcomes at a lower cost. However, this doesn’t come without questions. The cyber attack at the start of this month left the NHS crippled, reverting them back to pen and paper. If technology takes over then it is important to have systems which are safe and secure reducing the possibility of this happening again.



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