Date Published: 13th February 2018

Home Broadband- the love/hate relationship we have with download speeds!

Well we may have the answer you need!

‘Broadband speeds of up to 10 gigabits per second (Gbps) have been tested in a home in the former Olympic village in east London.’

‘Broadband operator Hyperoptic conducted the test, claiming it is the first time such speeds have been brought to a UK home using an existing ISP network rather than a dedicated line.’

With companies looking to roll this out in the UK, we could start loving our home broadband again.

‘Dana Tobak, chief executive of Hyperoptic, said the test was about proof-of-concept : “We have carried out this trial to push the limits in terms of what’s possible for residential broadband.’

‘Hyperoptic provides a full-fibre network in 30 cities across the UK, and is available to 400,000 homes.’

‘The firm said it would roll out 10Gbps services if there was “customer demand”, suggesting this is likely to start with businesses and pointing out that there are currently very few computers on the market capable of coping with such speeds.’

Just in case you are unsure of what 10Gbps connection allows users to do, have comprised a list:

  • ‘Download a standard HD movie file (5GB) in 4 seconds, compared with 6 minutes 40 seconds on a 100Mbps connection’
  • ‘Download a 25GB Xbox game in 20 seconds, compared with 33 minutes 20 seconds on a 100Mbps connection’
  • ‘Download the latest full 4K ultra high definition movie (75 GB) in just 1 minute, compared to 1 hour 40 minutes on a 100Mbps connection’

Do you think that 10 Gbps is necessary and will you be welcoming the change?



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