Date Published: 3rd January 2017

Are you interested in following new technologies which could benefit your business or lifestyle? These tech start-ups are just a few to watch in 2017.


Thread combines human stylists, AI assistants and tools to provide its customers with a personalised collection of outfits.  As a result, each human stylist is able to provide five outfits a week to around 80,000 people.  However, the company currently only provide the service for menswear, with it’s womanswear element still in development.



Automata is a robotics start-up, whose 2017 plans include a low cost robotic arm. The arm will be able to be programmed to conduct simple movements, which are stored in order for the arm to automate a task. Automata’s target audience are smaller companies who could benefit from automating their business but cannot currently afford the cost of doing so.



Exabeam is a security product, which monitors a network for human behavior which could indicate threats of hack or sabotage. The software is different from its competitors in that it’s simple to use, plus it can also be used to conduct analysis of an attack after it has happened.


Prospera applies deep-learning to the agriculture industry, with the aim of benefiting farmers and consumers by assisting in the growth of cleaner, healthier, more economical foods. The company’s aim is to change the way data is used to influence agriculture practices.


Rubrik helps companies easily back up, organise and secure their data. The software can manage content in the cloud and on-premises, and can retrieve files instantly from the cloud.


Mist aims to provide consistent, reliable wi-fi in venues such as hotels and shops, so the public no longer have to put up with slow and inconsistent internet connection.


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