Date Published: 21st August 2017

Being busy may often feel as though you have more things to do than there are hours in a day. Although we may all wish for a bit of extra time to complete a deadline and deal with all our other responsibilities, if we were all told to simply work extra hours in order to complete tasks, would we be happy?

The key to making the most of each day is all down to time management. Without the risk of being overworked and stressed, here are just a few easy tips to take on board that will make your days much more productive without the extra hours.


Good organisational skills will save you a lot of time. For example, having a clean and tidy work area and desk will take out the time spent searching for supplies and paper work that may be needed to tend to a specific task. Also forming an organised plan by breaking down large projects into smaller ones will prevent you from feeling overwhelmed and therefore, keep you from procrastinating which is the biggest time waster of them all.

“To do” Lists

A single “to do” list will let you stay organised and help you keep track of all your work in one place. Ensure that when writing your “to do” list, order the items by deadline date so you are aware of which tasks are the most important, and always tick or cross them off once completed as this adds a sense of accomplishment and motivation to get more done. Whether it’s the old fashioned pen and paper method or if you want to try out the different “to do” list apps that are available, whichever works best for you, either way will help you massively to feel more organised and meet more deadlines.

Learn to delegate

Whether it’s the fear of someone else not being able to do as good a job as you, or the fact you are actually the only one who knows how to do something, delegating work to others could actually be a huge benefit to you and your organisation. It may involve additional work for you at the beginning—you may have to provide training—but will pay off in the end when your workload is lighter.

Take regular breaks

It may seem counter-intuitive to think that not working will allow you to get more done, but it will. Try scheduling a 10 minute break for every hour you spend on a task, this will allow you to clear your head and focus on the task better when you return.



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