Date Published: 22nd August 2017

The UK’s leading independent job board, CV-Library, has carried out a new study based on interview preparation techniques. After quizzing 1200 UK workers they found that a huge 87.4% of workers think there are certain questions candidates should avoid asking in an interview if you want to get the job.

The research also discovered that over three quarters of professionals will prepare questions in advance of an interview, and 92.3% stated that they try to ask a question in every job interview they attend.

Candidates revealed the questions that they believe prevented them from getting a job in the past, including asking about holiday allowance and who the company’s market competitors are. But the top five inappropriate questions that came up were as follows:

  1. What does your company do? (53%)
  2. How often do you give your employees a pay-rise? (52.9%)
  3. Will I have to work long hours? (50.3%)
  4. How much will I get paid? (49.8%)
  5. Do you offer sick pay? (45.4%)

The research also looked at questions which have been received well and have infact enhanced their chances of getting the job:

  1. Is there room for development in this position? (74.2%)
  2. How would you describe the general culture of the company and the workplace? (51.3%)
  3. What are the team like that I will be working with? (36.8%)
  4. When can I start? (24.2%)
  5. How do you measure success? (23.3%)

Lee Biggins, founder and managing director of CV-Library, explained the importance of turning up to an interview armed with questions to ask. The right questions show genuine interest in the company and the work you will be doing, as well as showing that you are well prepared. However, questions about money and working hours could suggest to potential employers that you aren’t actually interested in the role itself and more about the convenience.

Asking questions about the company’s culture, teams and how they measure success will give you a better idea of what it will be like to work there while also showing to the interviewer that you are interested.



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