Date Published: 8th February 2018

Self driving cars- good idea or bad?

Everybody has their own opinion to whether self driving cars are a good idea.

Techradar have an article which is titled ‘Uber self-driving cars: everything you need to know’

Nearly everyone by now will know of Uber and their services. However, Uber and self-driving cars may be a new concept!

‘Uber has set its sights on replacing human drivers through its self-driving car program.’

Techradar have complied a list of ‘everything you need to know about Uber’s attempts to steer us toward a driverless future.’

The article mentions how it all began, Uber’s testing and also Uber’s self driving plans for the future.

‘Uber may have had two of the most high-profile automated car accidents and is mired in a lawsuit that threatens its very existence, but the company remains committed to its vision of replacing human drivers in a big way.’

‘As impressive as that number sounds, though, you shouldn’t expect automated cars to start completely replacing human Uber drivers within the next few years. At the time of writing, Uber still employs around 2.5 million human drivers worldwide.’

This got us here in the ITR office thinking, would you trust a self driving car?

Are self-driving cars the way forward? or Do you prefer the idea of human drivers?

Let us know your thoughts!






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