Date Published: 26th April 2017

The ride sharing company, Uber, has announced plans to develop flying electric taxis in partnership with plane manufacturers.

The company have said that the electric vehicles will take off and land vertically like a helicopter, with zero emissions and minimal noise. Their goal will be to enable customers to get high speed flights in and around major cities, to avoid highly congested urban areas and cut down a commuters journey.

While the technology is largely unproven, Uber believes the service will eventually cost about the same as its car rides, making air transportation a part of our daily lives.

Despite the company already investing heavily in self-driving cars, they plan to target the 2020 World Expo in Dubai with this first Uber Elevate Network demonstration, and have it up and running by as soon as 2023. Before this happens, however, there is still a lot of convincing to do with many questions regarding the safety of the technology.



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