Date Published: 1st February 2017

Following Uber’s declaration of support for Trump this weekend, #DeleteUber began to trend on social media, increasing the status of rival transport firm Lyft.


On Saturday, Lyft’s co-founders denounced Trump’s imigration ban and announced they donated a million dollars to the American Civil Liberties Union. Following the statements, the Lyft app received an influx of interest, climbing to the fourth-most-downloaded free app on Apple’s app store – above Uber’s position at 13th.


Lyft is not the only tech company to speak out against Trump’s policies; as mentioned in our previous blog,  the likes of Facebook,  Google, Netflix, Airbnb and others have also expressed their disagreement with the travel ban.


While some believe the statements coming from America’s tech giants are simply them utilising their power for good use, others may may argue the moves are simply to make themselves look good in order to generate further revenue. Whatever the reason, the Lyft vs. Uber debate certainly demonstrates how a political alignment or agenda ca have a massive impact on a business’ success.

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