Date Published: 18th August 2017

A survey of more than 1000 university students was recently conducted by KPMG and independent market research company High Fliers, which indicated that there was a worrying crisis in confidence among young women with regards to their digital skills.

The survey discovered that 57% of men are confident they have tech skills needed by today’s employers, compared to only 37% of young women, despite the fact that the results of the assessment showed that women actually scored on par with the male participants when looking at their digital skills.

It seems that this lack of confidence could be the reason for a lot of women not applying for jobs. Graham Pearce, head of technology in the north at KPMG, said “Competition for jobs is tough, and we know that female job seekers can be less likely to apply for a role than their male counterparts if they don’t feel they already possess every pre-requisite the job demands. Businesses committed to building a truly diverse workforce need to adapt their recruitment processes to reflect this, and ensure they don’t fall into the trap of listening only to those who shout about their capability the loudest.”

The digital world is constantly growing and developing so it is important to maintain a level of equality. In order to do this, it’s vital that more women have the confidence that their tech skills are of the standards required. Work needs to be done in order to show the next generation that when it comes to a career in tech, gender isn’t part of the equation.



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