Snapchat petition attracts one million signatures

If any of you use Snapchat then you will be aware of the new update that happened a few days ago.

This update has made it a lot more difficult for you to view your friends snaps.

Instead of just sliding to the left and being able to view your friends stories, you now have to slide to the right and click on each of your friends to view their updates.

‘The changes were intended to separate interactions with friends from branded content – including that of celebrities and influencers.’

‘Users now swipe left to see and interact with their friends, and swipe right to see branded and celebrity content.’

If like many people the new update is not for you, then you could sign the petition which has attracted one million signatures to try and get Snapchat rolled back to how it used to be.

‘Nic Rumsey, who set up the petition, wrote that some are using Virtual Private Network (VPN) apps – which use servers abroad to mask the location of a device – in order to access the older version of the platform: “That’s how annoying this update has become,” he said.’

Do you find the new Snapchat update difficult to use?


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Ten gigabit home broadband tested in UK

Home Broadband- the love/hate relationship we have with download speeds!

Well we may have the answer you need!

‘Broadband speeds of up to 10 gigabits per second (Gbps) have been tested in a home in the former Olympic village in east London.’

‘Broadband operator Hyperoptic conducted the test, claiming it is the first time such speeds have been brought to a UK home using an existing ISP network rather than a dedicated line.’

With companies looking to roll this out in the UK, we could start loving our home broadband again.