Emerging Tech Specialists

As we all know technology is ever changing and as such Emerging Tech is a fairly broad term.

The Emerging Tech team focus on technologies including Virtual/Augmented and Mixed Reality as well as mobile and app development. In addition to working on roles that will change how we view experiences/information the team work closely with a number of Cyber Security and Artificial Intelligence clients that are looking at how to protect both business and individuals from Cyber threats as well as developing how machine learning can effect every aspect of society.

The team focus on trying to be as up to date as they can be on the challenges posed by Clients looking to recruit great talent within sectors and technology stacks that are in their own relative infancy.



  • VR/AR Developer / Engineer
  • iOS / Android Developer
  • Game Designer
  • Machine Learning
  • Head of AI
  • Cyber Officer
  • Security Specialist


  • iOS/ Android
  • Unity 3D
  • VR / AR / MR
  • Artificial intelligence (AI), TensorFlow, Keras, Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit
  • Blockchain, Cryptocurrency
For more information contact ITR on 0330 0522870 or [email protected]