ITR was launched in 2010 with an initial focus to offer true recruitment partnership to clients based in the South West. Over time ITR’s client base and team have increased to now deliver that same level of service across the UK and Europe.

As a client’s recruitment partner, ITR become a prospective employees first interaction with a client. This responsibility is not taken lightly with ITR aiming to understand each client in depth so that we can act as an extension of the client team. This understanding helps improve continuity of client brand image as well as an improved candidate experience.

“It was important for us that any potential candidates were approached in the same way by our resourcing partners as they would be by us directly”

We are often asked “what is your USP” and in all honesty this can only be our team. Each consultant within ITR focuses on a specific part of the IT market meaning they gain a real understanding of the best talent and technologies within their sector improving our client service.


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