“I would like to take a moment to say thank you for all that you have done for me and for helping me secure my first graduate job. You went above and beyond for me to ensure that I was well prepared for the interview(s) and followed up afterwards. That is something I will never forget! Thanks again!”.

Yasin Rashid – Application Support Associate

“I’m very pleased with my experience in working with ITR Partners and Jake Pedlingham in pursuit of a role offered by VocaLink. The advertisement for the role was quite clear about what the role itself entailed, and the application process was very straightforward. Jake contacted me straightaway regarding my application, and I was very impressed with the efforts that he put forth to help me in my goal to obtain an offer from VocaLink. I wish all my experiences with recruitment agencies were this good. Jake was very effective in communicating to me information about the role and the company and offered positive advice regarding the interview itself. He contacted me to let me know the good news regarding the offer and explained the company’s hiring process in detail, so I knew exactly what to expect.”

Mat Riain – Storage and Backup Specialist

“I am very pleased to have secured a position with a great company. It went very smoothly and Katie has been very supportive throughout all stages, provided me with the tips and advice, responded to my emails in a quick manner and answered all my questions. I will definitely recommend ITR partners to friends and family who are talented and looking for a role”.

Juhel Ahmed – Product Engineer

“ITR are very effective recruitment service, who worked very closely with myself and the recruiting employer to ensure that every step of the process was effective and well informed. I would highly recommend ITR to anyone who is looking for a role in the IT sector. ITR went above and beyond the call of duty to secure me the right role in the right business and this kind of dedication in a recruiter is hard to find.”

James Dell – Network Manager

“It’s rare that you come across stand out recruitment specialists like ITR. I had the pleasure of meeting Lauren through ITR Partners many times over the past year. I was particularly impressed by Lauren’s market knowledge and effortless professional input which has been proven to be second to none compared to other agents I have dealt with. I believe those skills often takes years to develop, but it seemed to come perfectly naturally to her. Whenever I have been in contact with Lauren, her fun personality always ensured I left the conversation with a smile. Lauren would be an asset to any team!”

Jason Green – Account Support Analyst

“I met Lauren in the midst of searching for a position in a reputable telecoms company. She was patient, detailed and very attentive. And didn’t hesitate in heading discussions about contractual matters on my behalf. Hopefully I’ll be in my new position for many years. But if I had to work with Lauren again, I would! Thanks Lauren!”

Benjamin Cropley – Presales Technical Consultant

“Lauren is the reason I got my first graduate job, she was always available to talk to if I had any questions and regularly contacted me to update me with any information from the job I was applying for. Lauren contacted me about the job initially and I’m glad she did because she found me a great place to work. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a job because it really does feel like she goes the extra mile to help you find what you are looking for.”

Siddiq Rashid – Developer

“Lauren has helped me in a very important relocation in my career. First of all, it was a great match between my new job and me. She had a great insight, and was very professional in providing all necessary information about the vacancy. At each step and interview she was following closely, providing interesting and relevant information in a balanced way. I appreciate her work, her nice way and definitely recommend her."

Fabio Pakk-Selmi – Senior Developer

“Lauren got in contact to inform me of an opportunity that she felt would be suitable based on my CV and what I had achieved from education; I had just finished studying a degree in Computing and was looking for an exciting opportunity in IT. It became apparent to me that she had taken the time to consider a position that would be right for my interests and profile before getting in touch and this impressed me compared to previous recruitment provider consultants I had spoken to. During the recruitment process, Lauren made herself available for advice throughout and with her experience she was able to offer me fantastic support to bring the best out of myself when being interviewed for the position in question. I am really grateful for her efforts in finding me a role which I am enjoying immensely; I would recommend her to anyone looking for a new or change of career.”

Jordan Thomas – Account Manager

“Greg is one of the best recruiters I have worked with. He does what he says he will do and I found him very reliable.”

Greg Dolph – Security Consultant

“Neil Randell is a true professional and conducts himself in a way that reflects the ITR Partners ethos – Client care and employee satisfaction. I was lucky enough to have his expertise on board during my difficult time of searching for a digital e-commerce position within the southwest area. Neil successfully arranged a first interview for an online manager position in Cheltenham. The salary was more than other positions I had applied for with other agents. He was kind enough to call for a catch up after the interview and managed to source some feedback, consequently I was given a second interview and offered the position the same day. I have to thank Neil for his drive and passionate work ethic to really represent my skillset and added value to the company. I wish him all the best in the future.”

Steve Borge – Webmaster

“Simon is my liasing contact at ITR Partners. He has been very prompt and helpful with getting things in place or sorting issues as and when required.”

Sudheendra Singh – J2EE Developer

“Daniel has proven to be a first class Recruitment Consultant. A highly proactive and personable professional, for IT recruitment I would recommend Daniel every time. Many thanks for providing such an opportunity for career progression.”

Richard Terry – GIS Consultant

“Neil is one of the best Recruitment consultant I have worked with in my job search. He was very much focused on what he was doing. He gave as much information as possible regarding the role and about the company. He also made recruitment process very easy and helped me to find the right role.”

Arun Mara – QA Test Analyst

“Daniel, without any iota of doubt has been a very forthright, proactive and hardworking fellow. He does come across well as a talented and really smart professional. I’ve been more than satisfied with his quality of work, approach and attitude. I will therefore relish any future opportunity to work with him.”

Ademola Odupitan – Infrastructure Engineer

“Simon was highly professional and friendly throughout the time I was applying for a job via ITR Partners. He went the ‘extra mile’ and is definitely one of the best consultants I have dealt with.”

Chris Anstey – PHP Developer

“My first and still only contract in my life is handled by Greg Evans from ITR Partners Ltd. From the first contact I am treated very professionally with all issues or questions solved immediatelly even over the weekend days. I have not had a single issue with timesheet/invoice/payment process. At the same time they are making sure the company I am contracting for – the end customer is satisfied and happy with services I am providing to them. I feel that my contracting start would be much more difficult with any other contracting agency.”

Milon Krejca – Systems Administrator

“Neil is a great recruitment consultant and highly professional. He always keeps you informed of progress and is extremely supportive through the whole recruitment process. I cannot speak more highly of Neil and have no hesitation or reservation in recommending him for his help and interest in my search for a new role. Neil is a credit to his company, ITR Partners Ltd, reflecting a great work ethos and I would recommend both him and ITR Partners to anyone who is looking for work in this sector of the job market. Fantastic job Neil! Thank you!”

Terry Clarke – Development Team Lead

“Simon was diligent and helpful in all our dealings and demonstrated a complete knowledge of matters related to contracts and other such details.”

Jeremy Manser – Front End Web Developer

“Neil helped me find a new job. Very good communication and the whole process went smooth and timely. Thanks for the help.”

Ian Newman – QA Tester