Front End Developer

Salary : £25-40,000
Contact Name : Ciaran Contact Email : Sector : Software Development

You’ll be creating dashboards, reporting tools, and analytics, for one of London’s absolute hottest FinTech 50 start-ups.

You’ll be a master of JavaScript and all that comes with it. You’ll know your way around all the popular frameworks, and you’ve also got an eye for clear UI and graphic design.

Creating complex visualisations of very large data sets, you’re a coder who can design/designer who can code!

What you need to be familiar with:


• HTML and CSS
• JavaScript, JavaScript, JavaScript….
• D3.JS (essential)
• Npm
• Bower
• Grunt
• Balsamiq
• PhotoShop (or similar)
• APIs
• Modular SOA architecture
• Optimising and writing automated tests for JavaScript.


• Being a part of an internationally recognised FinTech company to watch.
• Growth and career progression (learning new skills/tech and progression to becoming a manager/specialist)
• Flexible working hours. (as long as the job is done, we won’t mind too much when you shoot off!)
• Stock options. (yes, stock options)
• Laughter.
• Laptop (of your choice!)
• The thrill of an early-stage start-up!

Extra bits that would help:

• FinTech experience.
• Knowledge of banking regulations/legislation