Date Published: 1st August 2016

A recent study has found that people with short names tend to have higher earning potential than those with longer names.

The study looked at the salary values of 280,000 CVs. The results found that most valuable names on men’s CVs were short, and the least valuable names were long. Examples of names which made the top ten were Jim (£52,762), Mike (£52,744) and Dave (£51,719); of these top which eight names had just one syllable. In contrast, eight of the bottom ten names were longer, including Lewis (£28,258), Jordan (£28,298) or Liam (£29,785).

Shortened names were also favoured –  Matts (£46,067) had CVs worth £10,000 more than Matthews (£35,765), while Daves (£51,719) were worth 25% more than Davids (£41,301).

Following the findings, researchers have suggested that using a shorter name shows confidence in ability, as candidates are denouncing formality by abbreviating their full name and choosing not to adhere to formalities.

Although the results may seem bizarre, the proof is in the pudding – Steve Jobs and Bill Gates may have just had the right idea.

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