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What is the future for Huawei users?

What is the future for Huawei users?   With Google having to stop using Huawei, the second biggest smartphone maker, as part of a US government ban, we wanted to see what the future for the current users would be.   The US Department of Commerce have added Huawei onto a list with other companies […]

Tech News

DJI OSMO Action vs GoPro

OSMO Action vs GoPro   The Chinese company, DJI, has just launched a new action camera, Osmo Action. The new camera is looking like it could be a great threat to GoPro. There are quite a few similarities between the Osmo Action and Hero 7. But we wanted to find out which one users believe […]

Smart phone apps and their impact on healthcare

A range of new apps are turning our phones into mobile medical clinics.

How the UK lost four would-be major tech companies

The UK has a significant supply of both ideas and talent when it comes to the tech industry.  However many promising British companies either sell out or fail altogether, rather than growing into successful global companies.

Parenting tech: the apps to keep working parents in the loop

For working parents, the worry of missing out on significant moments in their child’s life while they’re at work is a major issue. A growing number of tech entrepreneurs believe they have an answer, with parenting apps that allow parents to be involved with their little one’s day-to-day antics while they themselves are out at work.

Your guide to Tinder’s new group date feature, Tinder Social.

If you’re an avid online dater, chances are you’ll have Tinder – and you’ll have noticed it’s latest new feature. Sprung upon users without much prior explanation, chances are you’ll also probably be a bit unsure about its purpose. And if you’re not acquainted with the dating app, you’ll likely be entirely in the dark. Luckily […]

More on Pokémon Go: how to get it in the UK, and not ruin your phone in the process

Earlier this week, the much awaited Pokémon Go game was released in the US and Australia.  The augmented reality game allows players to catch Pokémon in ‘real life’, using their surroundings. The app was due to be available in the UK not long after its launch across the pond, but the unanticipated popularity of the game has […]