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The New Facebook Currency Libra

The New Facebook Currency Libra   Facebook have recently announced their plans to launch a new digital currency. The new currency will be called Libra and they aim to bring it out next year. Over the next few months, Libra will be developed and tested, aiming to launch in the first half of 2020.   […]

Facebook's 'digital safety ambassador' scheme and partnership with 'tbh'

Facebook’s new partnerships are helping build positive and safe online communities for young people

It was announced earlier this week that Facebook is funding anti-bullying training in schools, where one young person in every UK secondary school will become a ‘digital safety ambassador’ in order to support fellow students who experience cyber-bullying. Following this news, it has also been announced that Facebook has bought the app ‘tbh’, an app that […]

Facebooks new VR headset Oculus Go

Facebook’s launch of the Oculus Go – the stand alone VR headset

Facebook has unveiled a new Virtual Reality headset, the Oculus Go, a stand alone headset that doesn’t require an expensive computer or a smartphone for it to be plugged into.

Facebook's new context button

Facebook’s new ‘context’ button will help identify fake news

Facebook have been tackling the problem of fake news, hoaxes and disinformation since the 2016 US presidential election. 

Facebook’s Aquila drone brings global internet access

Facebook’s latest long term plan for a solar powered drone to provide worldwide internet access to even the most remote locations has taken a step forward after completing its first test flight in Arizona, almost a year since the first attempt that ended in a crash.

Facebook raises awareness of fake news

Facebook is publishing adverts in UK press in order to raise awareness of fake news. With papers such as The Times, The Guardian and The Telegraph all advertising tips for spotting these false stories.

Can Facebook solve its live video problem?

Shocking videos have thrust Facebook into the middle of two fast-moving and tragic news stories and have highlighted both the compelling and challenging characteristics of its Facebook Live service.

Facebooks new Virtual Reality experience

Virtual Reality and augmented reality technologies dominated technology news in 2016, and 2017 is set to be the same.

Behold: the Chrome extension shows you everything Facebook knows about you

Facebook collects a vast amount of data on it’s users; the site’s ad tracking uses this information to provide targeted marketing. The algorithms that power this process are a well kept secret –  however a new chrome extension shows you just what information Facebook knows about you.

SpaceX rocket explosion dashes Facebook’s Africa-internet hopes

Earlier this week, the pre-launch test of the latest SpaceX rocket went wrong, destroying the Facebook communications satellite which was on board.