Date Published: 15th June 2021

The lowdown on software engineer salaries in Europe

Where’s the best paying place in Europe to be a software engineer? If you’re considering working abroad or remotely on international projects, you’ll need to be fully clued up on average salaries in each country. After all, if your skills are in high demand, you’ll want to command the best possible remuneration for your services.

Here, we’ll take a look at the average software engineer salary for a range of European tech hotspots. Plus, how the figures stack up against other high-paying countries across the world. So let’s get started.

Average software engineer salary in Europe

Here’s a rundown of the typical annual pay for software engineer jobs on the continent, in US Dollars. This is according to data from Bloomberg, as published by software development and outsourcing specialist SWExperts.

  • Switzerland – $104,200 (£73,850)
  • Germany – $63,800 (£45,217)
  • UK – $56,200 (£39,830)
  • France – $54,700 (£38,767)
  • Ireland – $53,900 (£38,200)
  • Netherlands – $53,900 (£38,200)
  • Austria – $49,300 (£34,940)
  • Belgium – $48,400 (£34,302)
  • Spain – $37,000 (£26,223)
  • Italy – $34,900 (£24,734)
  • Czech Republic – $33,000 (£23,388)
  • Poland – $22,600 (£16,017)

You’ll spot that this list doesn’t include Scandinavian countries such as Sweden and Denmark, where salaries are typically higher for some specialist job roles. We’ll look at this subregion of Europe in detail next.

Spotlight on Scandinavia

A particularly interesting trend for software engineer job hunters to take note of at the moment is a talent shortage in Nordic countries. Finland in particular is struggling to find software engineers, with around 66% of positions sitting unfilled according to recent research.

Denmark is also facing a challenge in relation to a software developer shortage, and the country as a whole is expected to need a whopping 19,000 more IT professionals by 2030.

Perhaps in line with this skills shortage, salaries for software engineers and developers tends to be quite high in this part of the world. Here’s a look at the average software engineer salary across Scandinavia:

  • Norway – $81,400 (£57,691)
  • Denmark – $71,500 (£50,674)
  • Sweden – $61,400 (£43,516)
  • Finland – $51,500 (£36,499)

What about the rest of the world?

In separate research, as part of the 2020 CodinGame Developer Survey, the United States emerged as the highest paying of 125 countries when it comes to rewarding software engineering talent.

The average salary in the US was $95,744 (£67,857) followed by Germany, the UK, Canada and France. Down at the bottom of the CodinGame league table, compiled from responses from over 20,000 developers worldwide, was Russia with an average annual salary of $29,704 (£21,052).


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