Date Published: 14th November 2019

7 Predictions on 2025 recruiting

7 Predictions on 2025 recruiting

7 Predictions on 2025 recruiting. If you’re in recruiting and stay in the same job role in the next 5 years your job will be very different.

The role of recruiting itself is evolving according to a new report: The Future of Recruiting: 7 Ways Your Role Will Change.

You’ll need to rethink the way you see your job. Taking a more visible and strategic role within the business. You are going to need to develop new skills, new metrics and adopt new tools.

1. More important

7 Predictions on 2025 recruiting

As you can see from LinkedIn data, the demand for recruiters has risen 63% since 2016, and expect the trend to continue.

With automation taking over repetitive tasks, we will be left with the more creative, less predictable and more significant to business overall.

The market is becoming more competitive for recruiting pros, now might be a good time to plan. Figure out how many more recruiters you’ll need in the future. Companies that wait are more likely to pay more for lower standards, which can be very costly.

2. Hiring plans changes

You’re not alone if the pace of your goals is changing at a faster pace. When asked thousands of talent acquisition (TA) pros about their teams’ top priorities from now until 2024. The clear #1 answer: keeping up with rapidly changing hiring needs. As business models, markets and goals change rapidly, recruiters will need to move quickly too.

3. More business strategy

For mist recruiters, their responsibilities still revolve around core tasks, like sourcing, interviewing, or closing candidates. In the future companies will be asking recruiters to not only execute the hiring plan but also, design one.

Not only will you need to know everything in recruiting, strategic thinking, problem-solving, and general business will be just as important. According to the data by LinkedIn, more than one third (35%) of current head recruiters came from outside of HR.

4. Calculating business impact

7 Predictions on 2025 recruiting
The most useful such metric quality of hire, as 88% of Talent Acquisition (TA) agree. Business leaders will expect recruiters to have these metrics ready. So, for those that don’t use them, we will see a change in that over the next few years.
Most companies will track time-to-hire, but this metric doesn’t tell you about the business impact. As we all know the best hire isn’t always the fastest. You’ll be able to spend more time calculating impactful metrics once you have got a system that automatically calculates stats like this.

The full report outlines the three most effective inputs to calculate the quality of hire but for this to be useful you need to know you can trust your data.

5. Tools and Tech

LinkedIn also asked recruiting professionals what would improve performance over the next five years. The number one answer was better recruiting tools and technology. Followed by more flexible work options and training/ development opportunities.

The tools will be used to help the recruiters process and speed things along. For example, companies said video interviews reduced a three-week screening process in 48 hours.

6. Recruiter skills

7 Predictions on 2025 recruiting

Over 80% of Talent Acquisition (TA) agree that these skills will be invaluable and will be important to grow in the next five years. Platforms like LinkedIn have made it easier for recruiters to find candidates. But you will always have the problems of other recruiters also pitching, you need to stand out from the crowd.

Recruiters will need to focus on bringing them into the funnel. That’s where your personalization and character needs to shine. Recruiters will need to leverage data-driven insights rather than just entering the data, to drive decisions. They will also need to advise business leaders and hiring managers, meaning setting the strategy not just following it.

7. Other specialists

Many recruiters not only hold the skills to do their jobs but others too: data analyst, marketing guru, tech whiz. Therefore, most companies are adding a dedicated specialist to talent. The three most impactful roles are analytics, recruitment marketing, and recruitment tech. They still aren’t that common but expect a rise by 2024.


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