Date Published: 22nd February 2017

Well that’s just great – but in case you didn’t hear, they aren’t buying. No need.


Now hopefully ice sales weren’t what brought you here but you are looking for a career in sales and want to know where recruitment fits into that?


Are you self-motivated, financially driven and eager to not be selling from the same script? If you answered ‘yes’ we’re on the right lines.


So what could an average day look like?


8.30am – Breakfast and Coffee at your clean white desk (no beech here) with views out over the Cotswold Hills.


9.00am – Team meeting to run through live vacancies, candidate progress and plans for the week.


9.30am – Review candidates applying overnight for current live roles.


10.30am – Client conference call to discuss ongoing candidates and new requirements.


11.30am – Candidate interview prep call.


12.00pm – Find amazing candidate for hard to fill role…punch the air and look smug then submit candidate.


1.00pm – Try to beat the boss at pool while waiting for Deliveroo to bring lunch.


2.30pm – Pace around office gesticulating on wireless headset whilst speaking to clients.


3.30pm – Agree terms with new client…time to look smug again.


4.30pm – Advertise new roles and start selection process.


6.00pm – Decide whether to go home or stay late and find one more great candidate.


If you can picture yourself already doing all of this and you want a role that offers you the ability to control your earnings, put your own personality into your sales process and

define the type of clients you want to work with then recruitment is right for you.


But why choose ITR?


After ticking all the basic necessities such as office pool table, beer fridge and overseas incentive trips ITR offers you the opportunity for more.


More of a challenge, more commission and more of a reason to get out of bed on a Monday morning.


If you want to know what that ‘more’ might be for you, then please get in touch with me, Greg Evans on 0330 052 2870 or [email protected] and I will answer all of those burning questions.


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