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Sonos Launching Google Assistant As A New Feature

Sonos Launching Google Assistant As A New Feature Sonos will finally be supporting Google Assistant on their Sonos One and Sonos Beam speakers. It has been 18 months since Sonos originally announced the idea of the Google integration, but the update will be released shortly.   Google or Alexa? The speakers already featured Alexa, so […]

Amazon Alexa is set to get smarter

‘Alexa!’, your very own assistant who you can ask questions and also ask to play music! However, ‘Amazon’s sudden move into AI chip development suggests they want to make your conversations with Alexa as delay-free as possible.’ ‘As first reported by The Information, Amazon plans to create proprietary AI chips and place them in its […]

Amazon launch Amazon Go: The checkout-free shop

Amazon have announced the launch of their first checkout-free store, Amazon Go.

Amazon launches ‘Amazon Restaurants’ food delivery service in London

This week, Amazon have announced the launch of it’s Amazon Restaurants takeaway service in parts of London – making the US internet giant a direct rival for the leading food delivery services.

Amazon ‘dash buttons’ to allow instant ordering of household supplies

Pretty much everyone will be able to relate to that sinking feeling when you run out of coffee or loo roll when you need it most. However thanks to Amazon’s new dash buttons, such problems will soon be a thing of the past.

Amazon is testing out a drone delivery programme for the UK

This week, Amazon has announced that it will partner with the British government to run tests exploring the option of delivering small parcels in the UK by drone.