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New Dyson Electric Car To Be Launched

New Dyson Electric Car To Be Launched Dyson have launched plans to make their first electric car. The company was built by revolutionising the vacuum cleaner and has now branched out into other home appliances. With their announcement about the new electric car being made in 2017, everyone has been waiting to see the specification […]

Tech News

DJI OSMO Action vs GoPro

OSMO Action vs GoPro   The Chinese company, DJI, has just launched a new action camera, Osmo Action. The new camera is looking like it could be a great threat to GoPro. There are quite a few similarities between the Osmo Action and Hero 7. But we wanted to find out which one users believe […]

Humans need to adapt and collaborate with technology

Humans need to adapt and collaborate with technology in the workplace

We have been made to believe recently that automation could be taking over thousands of jobs in the not so distant future. But it could in fact be less about losing jobs and more about learning to adapt in order to retain the jobs we currently have.

The future of 'killer robots'

What does the future hold for ‘killer robots’?

Over a hundred experts in robotics and artificial intelligence are calling on the UN to ban the development and use of ‘killer robots’, and add them to a list of ‘morally wrong’ weapons. But with the rate of advancing technology and benefits from the technology, how easy will this be to enforce?

How important is government funding for the future of technology?

Technology companies are funding some of the most life changing ideas, that years from now could completely alter our everyday lives. Cars, rockets, voice assistants, drones, augmented and virtual reality devices, as well as every variation of artificial intelligence you can think of, are all in a quest to build a better future.

It’s not a DeLorean, but it is the car of the future. Behold, the Mini.

Mini have unrelieved their plan for the next big thing in the car industry. Unsurprisingly in a small package, the ‘Vision Next 100’ is a amalgamation of concepts Mini expects to come to life in the next 100 years. Despite it’s futuristic qualities, a working prototype will in fact be released later this year.