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Sonos Launching Google Assistant As A New Feature

Sonos Launching Google Assistant As A New Feature Sonos will finally be supporting Google Assistant on their Sonos One and Sonos Beam speakers. It has been 18 months since Sonos originally announced the idea of the Google integration, but the update will be released shortly.   Google or Alexa? The speakers already featured Alexa, so […]

Tech News

What is the future for Huawei users?

What is the future for Huawei users?   With Google having to stop using Huawei, the second biggest smartphone maker, as part of a US government ban, we wanted to see what the future for the current users would be.   The US Department of Commerce have added Huawei onto a list with other companies […]

Google Chrome launches default blocker

We are all familar with Google and probably uses the phrase ‘Google it’ a fair few times a day. However, Google Chrome have launched a new default blocker. This works by ‘launching a filter in the Chrome browser to punish sites for excessive use of the most irritating ads.’ Now do not get too excited, […]

Google Pixel: Everything you need to know

This morning, Google launched it’s first self designed and self built phone – the Google Pixel. Here’s everything you need to know about Google rival to the iPhone.

10 facts you probably didn’t know about Google

Yesterday, Google turned 18. Here are 10 facts you probably didn’t know about world’s biggest search engine.

The latest Android feature could save your life

When calling the emergency services, the way way the caller describes their location can literally be the difference between life and death – however the new Android feature can prevent human error being a factor. Google have just launched it’s new ‘Emergency Location Service’, which means emergency services will receive the location of the caller whenever a call is […]

Rather Google your illness than visit the Doctor? We’ve got some good news.

If you wake up feeling a bit unwell, chances are your first port of call is to Google your symptoms, not ring your local GP. Research has shown that many of us turn to the Internet to diagnose our mystery illnesses, with millions of Google searchs each day are related to medical symptoms. For those well versed in the practice […]