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New IKEA and Sonos Speaker

New IKEA and Sonos Speaker IKEA and Sonos have made a bookshelf speaker for £99. The new IKEA and Sonos speaker is combining the Sonos high quality speakers with IKEA’s designs. There is also a Table Lamp speaker for £150. One of the main questions from users is concerning if the speaker will be of […]

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RHA Wireless Headphone Adaptor

RHA Wireless Headphone Adaptor The headphone specialists RHA will be releasing an exciting new accessory which will be perfect for flyers. The Wireless Flight Adaptor allows you to connect to in-flight entertainment with your wireless headphones. The product will be a game changer for anyone who wants to you use their quality wireless headphones on […]

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Bristol Tech Startups To Follow

Bristol Tech Startups To Follow Bristol is a growing hub of startups especially emerging tech companies. With two universities in Bristol and two in Bath, there are so many graduates helping the technology sector to strive in the South West. As we do a lot of recruitment for IT jobs in the South West, especially […]

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New Dyson Electric Car To Be Launched

New Dyson Electric Car To Be Launched Dyson have launched plans to make their first electric car. The company was built by revolutionising the vacuum cleaner and has now branched out into other home appliances. With their announcement about the new electric car being made in 2017, everyone has been waiting to see the specification […]

Some of the best tech from CES 2017

  This week, the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas showcased some of the latest and up-and-coming innovations in tech.

How the UK lost four would-be major tech companies

The UK has a significant supply of both ideas and talent when it comes to the tech industry.  However many promising British companies either sell out or fail altogether, rather than growing into successful global companies.

It’s not a DeLorean, but it is the car of the future. Behold, the Mini.

Mini have unrelieved their plan for the next big thing in the car industry. Unsurprisingly in a small package, the ‘Vision Next 100’ is a amalgamation of concepts Mini expects to come to life in the next 100 years. Despite it’s futuristic qualities, a working prototype will in fact be released later this year.