How to lead a more productive life at home and work

We are want to have that perfect work life balance, but lets be honest does it really exist? There are plenty of articles out that there give you tips on how to achieve harmony between work and home life. A recent article by commented that ‘To boost your productivity, you don’t need to massively […]

Office design conducive to a productive workforce

Is your office design conducive to a productive workforce?

Findings of some recent research have demonstrated that in order to improve productivity levels at work we need to start looking more at office design and improving the environment in which this work takes place.

How to improve teamwork

How to improve teamwork in the workplace

It is obvious that a well connected team will lead to a smoother running and more productive workplace. Without a sense of unity, a group’s progress will suffer as well as each individual employee’s, so what can we do to improve teamwork within the office?

Maintaining employee motivation over final months of the year

How to maintain employee motivation over the final months of the year

Now that summer is officially over, the temperature is dropping and the days are getting sufficiently shorter. As we make one final push towards the end of the year, the last couple of months are notoriously known for decreased employee motivation.

Does exercise increase productivity

Does exercise increase your productivity?

It is no secret that exercise is good for you in more ways than one, but what can we actually achieve from being active and what impact can it have on our productivity levels?

Time Management Tips

Time management tips that will increase your productivity at work

Being busy may often feel as though you have more things to do than there are hours in a day. Although we may all wish for a bit of extra time to complete a deadline and deal with all our other responsibilities, if we were all told to simply work extra hours in order to […]

Smart phones are killing our productivity

Are smartphones killing our productivity?

A recent study has found that the mere presence of a smartphone, even when switched off, is causing a decrease in cognitive capacity. This means that the brains ability to hold and process data is affected.

How to help our brains have more good days at work

We all have good days and bad days at work, days where the brain is organised and focused and other days where the brain is disorganised and distracted. When we compare these alternate days to the amount of stress we are put under, it shows that too much or too little stress reduces our ability to […]