Career Spotlight- Cameron Brady- IT Recruitment Consultant

Career Spotlight Interview- Cameron Brady-  Software Development Recruitment Consultant   Cameron is one of our newest starters here at ITR and we are so excited for him to be working with us! We have done a short interview with him about what his new job role is like. He is one of our recruitment consultants […]

New Starters!

Meet our new starters at ITR A warm welcome to our 5 new starters. We’re really excited to have 4 new recruitment consultants and a new office manager joining our growing team at ITR. Over the past few weeks they have been settling into their new roles and we’re very excited to be working with […]

How to lead a more productive life at home and work

We are want to have that perfect work life balance, but lets be honest does it really exist? There are plenty of articles out that there give you tips on how to achieve harmony between work and home life. A recent article by commented that ‘To boost your productivity, you don’t need to massively […]

Three day weekends could be the future of working life

Employees at some companies are lucky enough to get three day weekends every (or every other) week. However, the results of recent studies may mean that a four day working week may soon become the norm for more of us.

How your hobbies could contribute to career success

If you’re trying to progress your career, you may feel like it’s imperative you spend all your time focussing on your goal. It can be easy to get caught up in working beyond your office hours as you try to climb the career ladder; downtime, however, is an important factor in helping you become successful.