Date Published: 11th July 2019

Tech Startups In London To Follow

Tech Startups In London To Follow

Following on from our Berlin, Oslo and Bristol blogs as a part of our statups series, we have now focused on London. There is a huge amount of tech startups in London, here are a few of our favourites!



This tech startup in London is providing work insurance that is flexible, paperless, available 24/7 and has no hidden fees. You will probably have already heard of Deliveroo, Zego is providing Deliveroo driver and riders pay-as-you-go insurance plans. You simply choose your insurance, receive a quote online or via the app in minutes, then accept your quote.



Streetbees is the latest tech startup in London that is changing the way you can conduct market research. The mobile app allows companies to connect with consumers instead of hiring a marketing agency. Consumers can share moments from their lives via text, image, video and their software then understands what they are saying and collects data from it. It helps companies see peoples needs and they can get the data in real time.


Seen It

This creative platform allows companies to easily collect and then edit videos that their fans, employees or customers have captured. It’s aim is to be able to create stories from people that are knowledgeable and also living in the story. Companies can pick a group of followers and invite them to use the app to record videos from their phones and upload them.



Kano is a tech startup in London aiming to help to educate children on how to code. It provides toys and tools, for example the computer kit which is an entire computer and teaches children to code. Kids can build the computer themselves, then learn code and then make games, art and music and share their creations. It is an easy way to get kids engaging with building technology and coding.


These are just a few of the amazing tech startups in London! Which one is your favourite?


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