Date Published: 9th July 2019

Growing Gender Equality In Executive Roles



With the growing discussion of gender equality in executive roles, there is a push for an increase in numbers of women in senior roles. Gender equality can hugely increase a company’s success. So we thought we would highlight the best ways to help to promote gender equality in executive level roles.


At the moment there is typically more men than women in senior roles, but many companies are focusing on balancing that out. The best companies at retaining and hiring women in executive roles, are ones that have policies in place. Candidates and employees want to work for a company that they know will care for them and want to help them to progress. They will want to see ideas in action not just discussing how they could improve.


Work Life Balance

It is equally as important for both men and women to have a great work life balance. There are many ways a company can improve employees work life balance. For example if they are starting a family, could you provide great maternity benefits, flexible hours or onsite childcare?


Networking Groups

There are also loads of different women’s networking groups and development programmes. To help to retain your executive female employees, you could help organising some women’s networking programmes.


Ask Your Employees

If you are not sure what policies to put in place to make a gender-neutral environment, then ask your employees. Find out if they would appreciate more flexible hours or maternity benefits etc. Discussing with your employees exactly what would work well with them, will show your employees you really care.


Although there has been a big push for gender-equality in senior roles, there is still a way to go. Speak to your employees to find out what they want and how you can provide to allow for gender equality.


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