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The Best New Update For Sony’s Wireless Earbuds

The Best New Update For Sony’s Wireless Earbuds Sony had a great success when launching their WF-1000X headphones and latest updates have not disappointed. The new Sony WF-1000XM3 wireless in-ear headphones have got great new features such as being noise cancelling, having a longer battery life and you can choose the size.   Noise Cancelling […]

Tech News

The New Facebook Currency Libra

The New Facebook Currency Libra   Facebook have recently announced their plans to launch a new digital currency. The new currency will be called Libra and they aim to bring it out next year. Over the next few months, Libra will be developed and tested, aiming to launch in the first half of 2020.   […]

Silicon valley giants hit back at Trump immigration ban

The impact of President Trump’s immigration ban is already being  felt by US tech companies, with some of the big names in Silicon Valley now speaking out on the issue.

Meet LG’s competitor for the Amazon Echo: The Hub Robot

Earlier this week, LG unveiled its equivalent to the Amazon Echo and Google Home: The Hub Robot.

Apple iOS vulnerable to one-click-installation spyware

Flaws in Apple’s iOS operating system have been discovered that make it possible to install spyware on a device simply by getting the user to click on a link.

7 household gadgets that will change your life

When you think of futuristic technology, you might think of hover boards or robots that do everything for you. While we can’t report have invented either of those just yet, we have hunted around online for some of the more futuristic home gadgets. So if you’re into household tech or you’re just really lazy, you’ll probably want to check […]

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5G field test hits a blistering 3.6Gbps data transfer speed

If you’re interested in faster download speeds on your smartphone – and aren’t we all? – then you’ll want to know about the latest field tests of 5G technology being carried out in Japan. The new trial carried out by Huawei and Japanese carrier NTT DoCoMo is the first to use conditions that match the […]

Bionic arm brings Intel’s vision of personalized computing to life

New innovations are making technological products more accessible. One of the finalists for Intel’s Make it Wearable challenge showed that a bionic arm, traditionally sold for $10,000, can be obtained for as little as $3,000. Designed by the Open Bionics team, the 3D printed bionic arm is constructed with polymers with varying levels of firmness. […]

Apple’s self-driving car may be ready for the test track

There’s more evidence Apple is looking into the car business as recent reports suggest the company is speeding towards the road testing phase. Sources have informed The Guardian that engineers from Apple’s Special Projects group been in talks with GoMentum company to build a testing ground for its autonomous, electric vehicles. At a former naval […]