Date Published: 24th May 2019

What is the difference between an executive search and a normal recruitment search?

If you are looking to hire for senior appointments, it can be highly beneficial to use an executive search. The recruiters have great experience and knowledge around recruiting for high end roles. So it can save you struggling to find the perfect candidate to fit your role.


So how is an executive search different from a typical recruitment search?



There is typically more time spent between the recruiter and the client. This is usually to discuss the specifics of the job role, any previous issues the client may have had and understanding their objectives. The recruiter will have a great relationship with the client. So will have a more detailed understanding of the exact skills and experience to be looking for. For all recruitment searches, the consultant will have a great understanding of the job role, but for an executive search this is slightly more in depth!



With most recruitment searches, the consultant has a specific sector to focus on, so will have an in-depth knowledge. With executive searches the consultant typically only works with senior level roles so that becomes their specific sector. The consultant will have loads of experience with understanding what the client wants and how they can help. They will also have a great knowledge of how the recruitment process is different with board, C level and senior appointments and are able to help you throughout the process.


Search for passive candidates

Executive searches requires the recruiter to be very proactive as they have to find the best possible talent. Most of the best suited candidates for a role are usually passive, so they are currently not looking for a new job. The candidates which are actively looking for a job is a very small amount. So consultants always stay on top of which candidates could be perfect for you role but may currently be in a role.


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