Recruitment Tips

The 5 Best Phone Interview Tips

The 5 Best Phone Interview Tips For most candidates, before they even have a face to face interview they either have a phone interview or online interview. If you haven’t had one before, it can seem very daunting but rest assured with these few tips you will be able to prepare for your phone interview. […]

Tech News

DJI OSMO Action vs GoPro

OSMO Action vs GoPro   The Chinese company, DJI, has just launched a new action camera, Osmo Action. The new camera is looking like it could be a great threat to GoPro. There are quite a few similarities between the Osmo Action and Hero 7. But we wanted to find out which one users believe […]

Smart phones are killing our productivity

Are smartphones killing our productivity?

A recent study has found that the mere presence of a smartphone, even when switched off, is causing a decrease in cognitive capacity. This means that the brains ability to hold and process data is affected.

Smart phone apps and their impact on healthcare

A range of new apps are turning our phones into mobile medical clinics.

Google Pixel: Everything you need to know

This morning, Google launched it’s first self designed and self built phone – the Google Pixel. Here’s everything you need to know about Google rival to the iPhone.

How to kick your smartphone addiction

Do you find yourself feeling lost without your smartphone? Maybe your reliance on your smartphone is even erring on the side of addiction? A recent Ofcom report found that 59% of UK citizens consider themselves to be hooked on their smartphones – but it’s not too late to set yourself free.

Enjoy taking photos on your phone? Apple’s new patent could prevent iPhone camera use.

Apple has been granted a patent for technology that could stop prevent smartphone cameras from being used in public places, such as at concerts.