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Apple’s new video service is it worth it?

We have a date and price! Apple has revealed its new ad free video service will be launching on 1st November and they will be charging £4.99 per month. It will be available in 100 countries. In a bid to build a huge subscriber list fast, as of yesterday Apple will be offering anyone who […]

Recruitment Tips

The 5 Best Phone Interview Tips

The 5 Best Phone Interview Tips For most candidates, before they even have a face to face interview they either have a phone interview or online interview. If you haven’t had one before, it can seem very daunting but rest assured with these few tips you will be able to prepare for your phone interview. […]

Apple's new facial recognition

Apple’s new facial recognition technology, Face ID

Facial recognition is a decades old technology which has proven to never really work well on a phone in the past, but it is making a comeback, thanks to the new iPhone X. Apple have created a shiny new version of the technology that aims to pave the way for an easier to use, more secure biometric […]

The iPhone 10 years on

A year ago today, on June 29th 2007, the iPhone hit stores for the first time. The device lacked 3G connectivity, its battery struggled to last a day, and its camera resolution was just two megapixels. It was no surprise that the expectations of the handset were pretty low, but now 10 years on we […]

How to kick your smartphone addiction

Do you find yourself feeling lost without your smartphone? Maybe your reliance on your smartphone is even erring on the side of addiction? A recent Ofcom report found that 59% of UK citizens consider themselves to be hooked on their smartphones – but it’s not too late to set yourself free.

Enjoy taking photos on your phone? Apple’s new patent could prevent iPhone camera use.

Apple has been granted a patent for technology that could stop prevent smartphone cameras from being used in public places, such as at concerts.

Feeling like your technology has let you down? You could file a lawsuit and win, judging by recent events.

Are you feeling hard done by following a recent software update to your much-loved computing device? Or maybe you feel like your ideas have been stolen by a massive corporation? Judging by recentl lawsuits against both Apple and Windows, you might be able to take on multi-national corporations – and win.

Apple’s new iOS update will change your life: and here’s how

When iOS 10 is launched later this year, it’s new features will revolutionise the way you communicate.  The long list of new features include numerous additions to the Messages app, which will change the way you text; for good. Here’s everything you have to look forward to:   Bubbles! Photo: Apple       Message bubbles won’t be boring anymore. You can change […]