What is the difference between an executive search and a normal recruitment search?

What is the difference between an executive search and a normal recruitment search? If you are looking to hire for senior appointments, it can be highly beneficial to use an executive search. The recruiters have great experience and knowledge around recruiting for high end roles. So it can save you struggling to find the perfect […]

ITR Now Members of APSCo

ITR Now Members of APSCo     We are very excited to announce that ITR Partners are now ASPCo members. The Association of Professional Staffing Companies (APSCo) was formed to give all firms involved in the recruitment of professional talent that have a commitment to excellence, the specialist support and distinctive voice they need to […]

Launching New ITR Executive Website

LAUNCHING NEW ITR EXECUTIVE WEBSITE We are excited to announce the launch of our new executive search site! ITR Executive offers a bespoke service to find the best talent with a focus on Board, C-Level and Senior Appointment roles. Some of the best executive talent are rarely on job boards or actively looking on the […]

New Starters!

Meet our new starters at ITR A warm welcome to our 5 new starters. We’re really excited to have 4 new recruitment consultants and a new office manager joining our growing team at ITR. Over the past few weeks they have been settling into their new roles and we’re very excited to be working with […]

The tech which helps disabled people to dance, run and compete

For some people living with a physical disability, activities such as dancing and running may pose a significant challenge – or even be completely impossible. However, thanks to some of the latest sports-tech, such activities are now much more accessible.

Women continue to experience workplace inequality following maternity leave

It is no secret that women earn tend to earn less than men;  however, women who return to work after having a baby earn even less than their male colleagues for many years afterwards, according to a recent report by the Institute for Fiscal Studies.

Ever wished you could type in your own handwriting? Now you can.

If you’ve ever felt like computer text lacks the personal touch that handwritten text does, then you’ll be pleased to learn that researchers at University College London have taught a computer to imitate anyone’s handwriting.

How to kick your smartphone addiction

Do you find yourself feeling lost without your smartphone? Maybe your reliance on your smartphone is even erring on the side of addiction? A recent Ofcom report found that 59% of UK citizens consider themselves to be hooked on their smartphones – but it’s not too late to set yourself free.

UK banks ordered to launch technological revolution

Following a two year inquiry, this week Britain’s High Street banks have been ordered by the Competition and Markets Authority to launch a technological revolution.

Innovators have now invented interactive photographs

This week, innovators at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology announced that they have developed photographs in which still objects can be manipulated, effectively making them interactive.