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Should Companies Move Towards a 4-Day Working Week?

Should Companies Move Towards a 4-Day Working Week? With all of the latest news around a 4-day working week being a great option for increased productivity, we though we would look into the pros and cons of it.   How does it work? The concept of the 4-day working week, is that you receive the […]

Incentives To Bring Out The Best In Your Executive Talent

Incentives To Bring Out The Best In Your Executive Talent It can take a lot of time and energy to recruit the perfect executive talent. Once you finally have the perfect people in the job roles, you want to make sure they will strive. Having incentives can typically help with employment satisfaction. Different incentives will […]

Recruitment Tips

Career Spotlight- Cameron Brady- IT Recruitment Consultant

Career Spotlight Interview- Cameron Brady-  Software Development Recruitment Consultant   Cameron is one of our newest starters here at ITR and we are so excited for him to be working with us! We have done a short interview with him about what his new job role is like. He is one of our recruitment consultants […]

Maintaining employee motivation over final months of the year

How to maintain employee motivation over the final months of the year

Now that summer is officially over, the temperature is dropping and the days are getting sufficiently shorter. As we make one final push towards the end of the year, the last couple of months are notoriously known for decreased employee motivation.

A friendly office atmosphere is key for productivity

Creating a collaborative and friendly atmosphere in the workplace could be key to an increased level of creativity and productivity among employees.

Looking for some Monday Motivation? Here are the factors that will motivate your employees more than money.

Are you an employer who finds their employees are lacking motivation? Research has shown that there are several factors that are more important in motivating your employees than their pay cheque.