Date Published: 3rd October 2019

Will Brexit change your job search?

Will Brexit change your job search?

Keep your career prepared for anything! Not knowing whether we will leave on the 31st of October has left the country in confusion. A deal has yet to be agreed on by parliament and Prime Minister, and the dreading no-deal Brexit seems to be on the horizon. So many will be questioning, will Brexit change your job search?

With a transition period, even if a deal is agreed upon the terms won’t be set in stone. We have until 2021 or even later to confirm them. British businesses and workers are the ones who are suffering from economic uncertainty, yet Britain’s leaders are still flip-flopping with their decisions.


How will jobs be affected?

At this point with lots of terms up in the air, it’s hard to foresee the consequences that may occur. UK’s citizens may be given more opportunities for employment, but this will be caused by the restriction of EU citizens working within the UK. Companies may find it harder to attract the top talent and when they do the candidate will have more power to demand higher pay and more benefits. Although, it is possible that Brexit won’t affect the UK’s economy.

On the other hand, if the economy is put at risk growth in the labour market will cease development, in turn seeing a decrease in job opportunities. Particularly vulnerable to a loss of EU trade may see companies move out of Britain, such as manufacturing and pharmaceuticals. Also, economic analysts are foretelling a recession, causing hiring freeze and companies laying off employees due to cuts.


Prepare and advance your career

The Best thing you can do is to keep on top of everything and be prepared for anything. Here are a few tips on how to keep proactive and keep your career from being thrown off track.

  1. Strong network

Having a strong mind-like network will allow you to be able to ask for advice and inspiration as well as opportunities. As well as having benefits in career advancements, business ideas and support. Keeping in contact with former colleagues and business professionals, attending network events, and building an online presence on sites like LinkedIn.

  1. Recruiters can be your best friends

Getting in contact with recruiters or recruitment agency’s regardless of whether you’re looking will give you insights and connection for the future. They can give you insights, market trends to keep you up to date and traits that are attractive to employers.

  1. A strong, up-to-date CV

A foundation building block for post-Brexit career preparations will be a strong CV whether you’re looking for a job or the down-size of your company. Writing a strong CV can be hard read some of our tips to stand out from the crowd here.


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